Neck Pain Approach

Neck Pain Approach

A New Approach To Neck Pain 

Patients primarily come to us to help manage and overcome unexpected pain and discomfort. While we’re happy to be able to restore balance to your body and promote healing from within, we like to guide practice members toward understanding the pain you’re experiencing is a gift–in fact, it could be saving your life.


Think of it this way. When your car is having a problem, the check engine light appears on your dashboard. Luckily, this light lets us know that something is wrong before something bad happens. That way, we can seek the help we need from a mechanic to repair our car before we break down in the middle of nowhere and are stranded without help.

Neck pain is exactly the same. It’s an alert from your body that something isn’t working as it was designed to, and your neck is extremely important to the health of your overall body. That’s because every communication sent from your brain must travel through your cervical spine on the way to its destination.

When the spinal bones of your neck are misaligned due to stress, injury, tension or trauma, it’s difficult for the rest of your body to function correctly.

Focused Chiropractic Care Exactly Where You Need It

When you choose us for your care, we’ll start with focused testing to determine the cause and root issue of your neck pain. Then, we’ll devise a custom care plan to help your body heal naturally, which might include addressing misalignment or decay in your upper spinal bones. Our goal for every patient is to help them achieve their natural health goals, and close the gap from where they are currently to where they could be: At peace and in positive health, naturally.

You might be surprised that the improvements in your life aren’t just your body’s wellness and comfort, you might find whole new ways to do all the things you love better and with more intention. We don’t aim to only adjust your neck, but your whole way of looking at life.

How Can We Help You?

We Take Care Of Your Spine

Live a peaceful and pain-free life while maintaining good health, at Awaken Well Chiropractic, we will take care of you and your family.

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