Back Pain And Sciatica Approach

Back Pain And Sciatica Approach

Sciatica & Back Ailments 

 We’ve seen it thousands of times: when folks start proactively taking care of themselves, getting their neurostructural adjustments, and taking charge of their health through body movement and nutrition, they start feeling better and are able to do all the things they love doing. They don’t just return to doing what they love; they do it at the highest level, whether it’s sports, gardening, child-rearing; whatever that thing is, an optimized spine leads to an optimized life.

Healing At The Source

Every day, we see patients in the practice who are coming to us after having tried everything from surgeries, medication, to physical therapy and more. While we don’t mind being the last resort for care, we’d love to help more patients understand that giving natural chiropractic care a try first may help you avoid years of pain or costly procedures that just don’t produce the results you want.

We focus on healing the underlying cause of common ailments like sciatica or back pain. Just because you have pain in your leg or back doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where the issue lies. Sometimes, it can be a problem in the neck, shoulder, hips or somewhere else.

We’ll identify the underlying causes of your pain by:

  • Specific examinations
  • Subluxation identification
  • Understanding your entire health history

Once we pinpoint the problem, we can begin working on teaching your body to heal itself through focused corrective spinal care. Adjustments in our practice are always unique and specific to you, and we never take a cookie-cutter approach to care.

How Can We Help You?

We Take Care Of Your Spine

Live a peaceful and pain-free life while maintaining good health, at Awaken Well Chiropractic, we will take care of you and your family.

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